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Balboa Park & Dim Sum

Is anyone interested in going to Balboa Park while at C11? There is a Japanese Garden there (YAY!) and tons of museums.

Also, I'd like to go for Dim Sum but have only been once and don't know what to pick. Are there any folks who'd like to go?

The place I went to (in San Diego BTW) didn't have menu's, they just drive carts around the room that have the food on them and you just grab what you want. Our host picked out the ones she thought we would like best. I've been want Dim Sum ever since.

Anyone up for either?
Black Cat

For those who don't already know.

I'm finally on LJ *squeak* I want to be able to keep in touch w/ people. So I'm letting you all know if you want to add me to you lists, please do. Since Michelle & Alan live in Chicago, I'd like to be able to contact them in case we will be down there and perhaps dine w/ them.

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This just in...

I was discussing "pithy cruise laminate quotes" with the man (aka, your enslaved laminate designer, aka the inspiration for, and I mentioned the SOD. He said, the SOD is not going to be in *our* cabin, is it. And I replied, "no, see, the Suite of Doom is a state of mind, not a physical location".

Had to share.
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Moinks of Doom!

"The legend of the drunken eyebrow." -Rafe

"Let me tell you about my career as an animal fluffer" -Kim

"Spooktards." -Michelle

"Open the door and the midgets come out." -Wendi

"Hell is Convergence forever." -Fross

"Sand in uncomfortable places" -Rafe

"I'm sorry. I'm affectionate and short." -Margaret

"Just 10 minutes." -Axis

"These breasts are not community property despite what people may think." -Margaret

"I'm grabbing my butt and looking at my underwear." -Kim

"I am easy!" -Tess

"Rafe's off getting his throat lubed." -Gavin

"Rise and glower." -Michelle

"Anyone who can be drunk under the table by a handpuppet just sucks." -Margaret

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